CC150 luxury unit for up to 150 guests

This is our most popular size luxury trailer unit. It will cater for a maximum of 150 guests over an 8 hour period.

One side of the trailer unit consists of two individual spacious locking ladies cubicles with soft toilet paper, sanitary bags and bins provided.

It has a spacious vanity area with beautiful fresh flowers, large mirrors, two ceramic sinks, warm running water, luxury hand soap, soft hand paper towels.

On the gentlemen's side it has two urinals, one individual locking toilet cubicle with soft toilet paper & sanitary bin provided.

It also has fresh flowers, large mirrors,two ceramic sinks with warm running water, luxury hand soap and soft hand paper towels.

This trailer has soft background music playing on both the ladies & gentlemen's side.

On site requirements, size and dimensions

  • Reasonably level area to site the trailer unit
  • Good access for delivery
  • 13 amp electric supply to the run the unit
  • 8ft wide, 16ft long x 10ft high